The Tibetan Association of Northern California is delighted to see the Voices of Tibet project up and running. Since time immemorial, the rich traditions and culture of indigenous communities like the Tibetans' have survived the waves of modernization through the memories and voices of elders into the ears and hearts of the young generations. Voices of Tibet offers the survival of this unique, rich and endangered traditional practice at a time when stories from our elders are more often than not, displaced by the internet. Preservation of the stories as well as the respect for elders' experiences is a cultural trait Tibetans worldwide should return to and Voices of Tibet does exactly that! TANC is honored to endorse VOT and wishes VOT much success with abundance of interesting stories of Tibet.
Dechen Tsering - President - Tibetan association of Northern California

Voices of Tibet represents an important element of the Tibet support group's strategic plan- to give voice to the people of Tibet.
- Dennis Cusack, Tibet Justice Center

It is very important now more than ever to capture the voices of Tibet. The elders that reaching the 50th anniversary of march 10th meed to be heard,
- Shilogh Mills, CTC Ottawa, Canada C100 endorses Voices of Tibet.

This project is extremely important to help preserve Tibetan elder's oral hostories and stories. AS this age group is now over 70's , now tis the time more than ever, to save these stories,
- Giovanni Vassalo - President, Barbara Green , C100 for Tibet.

Tashi, I am so glad you are constructing this nice program voices of Tibet to preserve the culture and traditon of the most beautiful country Tibet.
- Lupita Gonzales , association cultural Tibetan Conference, El Salvador, Central America

Collecting and saving this information has proved critical to preserving cultures throughout the world. This will help highlight the destruction that has occurred so far as a result of occupation of Tibet by the Chinese government which began in 1949. Those who witnessed this must be heard.
- Gail Henrie, Indianapolis ITIM (international Tibet Independent movement)

As a Canadian, we know all too well the importance of story telling and oral and video recollections of the past to our aboridinal peoples and their future. This project is a critical step in ensuring the protection and promotion of the Tibet's heritage and culture for centuries to come. Congratulations and best wishes for the success of this important endeavor.
- Dermod Travis, Canada Tibet Committee

As a jouurnalist and fellow oral historian I have a great appreciation for the work that Tashi - la is doing. Her timing couldn't be better and the fruits of her work are so powerful. This is a vital documentation of a culture in danger of extinction and thus truly a voice for Tibet.
- Christel Smith, Los Angeles

Voices of Tibet keeps alive the history of Tibet, it's peoples, traditions, and culture. Through these compelling stories the future of Tibet will continue to live.
- John Isom, Tibet Justice Center

As a young Tibetan who grew up in exile like many others of my generation - I worry about all the stories of our elders that we haen't heard and that we stand to lose each year. By preserving the histories of " ordinary" Tibetans not only Kings and Rinpoches - this project will mean giving those of us in exile connection to our past and our Tibetan identities.
- Tsering Lama , SFT Canada

Long after the physical examples of culture are destroyed, the stories being recorded by the voices of Tibet Oral History Project will be preserved forever.
- Benjamin Cox , ITIM

As a freelance photographer and documentarian who has seen first hand the continueds umpacts of China's environmental, ecomony, and human rights policies within Tibet, THE " VOICES OF TIBET " oral history project is a crucial resources for the international community to properly comprehend the threat to Tibetan culture.
- Douglas Herman, ITIM (international Tibet independence movement)

I feel that voicess of Tibet is great project that will help keep the culture and tradition alive. Being a Tibetan, personally I would love to be able to access the data gathered by this project and learn about the experiences of our older generation.
- Youtso Tenzin, Tibetan Youth Congress, S.F.