Tibetan children in CST school one of the largest Tibetan refugee school in Exile will be trained in videographing so they themselves can go interview their own grandparents. It is an instant learning as well as saving the stories for many future generations to come. Below CST students watching A preview of the Tibetan Elders story

Below is picture of Voices Of Tibet team with CST Bylakuppe Principal Shri Raveendran.

Central School for Tibetan Bylakuppe staff with VOT board members

CST Bylakuppe Principle Shri Ravi giving speech about how important it is to save the Tibetan elders story.

Thanks to Alice Kandell who was so generous in donating the video cameras for the project. We are looking for more cameras to train more children so we cam capture many more stories .... Pls send your donation to Voices of Tibet. 595 Main street suite 203, NY NY -10044.

CST Bylakuppe Principal Shri Ravi.